Method of resolving dependencies for deb files

It is updated after a long time. Today I will introduce a convenient little command.

If you are using Ubuntu, I think when you want to install application from deb files. However, warning from compiler "○○ depends on xx" when you installing use "dpkg".

It is convenient to use such a command "gdebi" in this case. It makes it installed with what you need to check the dependencies of deb file. You can apt-get the gdebi To use. 


$ sudo apt-get install gdebi


Let's use it after installing.
For example, you try to install the "NixNote" informal Evernote client software that can be used on Linux.
URL: http://en.sourceforge.jp/projects/sfnet_nevernote/


$ gdebi nixnote-1.6_i386.deb


This is the only. It's easy.

A comfortable life Ubuntu even a little!(^^)!


P.S. Jetson was even used to PCL!